xNeat Windows Manager
Handy window enhancement utility with a wealth of options
xNeat Windows Manager
xneat windows manager
Updated in
August 2008
Work on: XP \ Vista (32 bit)
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xNeat is a very handy windows enhancement utility that gives you full control over your windows and adds functionality to your desktop that you wish that Microsoft had included. It's neat, compact and combines many useful programs into one.

With xNeat you can:
Hide windowsMinimize windows to tray
Place it on topClick through it
Roll up windowSet a certian transparency level
Assign keyboard shortcutsClone file names while saving them
Build your own menuOrganize your files by appending date to them
Arrange taskbar buttonsChange process/windows priority
Change taskbar appearanceClose windows from the taskbar using the mouse middle click
& Much more………

The program is extremely easy to use, download and setup and best of all its low on system resources. & Its free to download & try !! So why wait? Download it right now and in a few days you won’t be able to do without it

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